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What's in a Name?

Guys! It is the first Long Weekend of Summer!! WOOHOO! Are you ready? Maybe you’re opening the cottage? Or taking in one of the many festivals held across the country? But before you fire up that BBQ, have you ever thought about what you call this holiday?

Growing up in Edmonton, I call it “Victoria Day” - that's what most of my friends and teachers called it in my youth. But my parents, who grew up in Ontario, call it “May Two-Four”. And then I heard my Calgary cousins call it “May Long”. What??

Luckily, CBC has gotten to the bottom of it. They conducted an online survey and took to social media to solicit region-specific names for the May long weekend. Firecracker Day? May Run? Hiking Day? (Hiking Day? C'mon Nova Scotia, you're taking the fun out of it).

But regardless of what you call it, this weekend is a very busy travel weekend - so stay safe out there! And Happy May Run to you all!

- Rose R.


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Eldon Lawrence

We just moved into Oak Bay, one of the municipalities in Victoria, B.C. On my walks, I'm seeing large and lovely Canadian flags installed on several lawns. The flags appear to be provided by the Oak Bay Rotary Club. I'm going to give them a call so we're ready for next year's celebration. What an exuberant way to mark VIctoria Day!

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