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2019 EcoRun Wrapup

A few weeks ago, I posted about the AJAC’s annual EcoRun – an event where Canadian automotive journalists put a variety of eco-friendly vehicles through their paces in real-world road conditions. This year’s EcoRun ran through parts of Alberta, including a stop at a Petro-Canada in Canmore where we provided journalists with information about Canada’s Electric Highway™ and our EV fast charge stations.

2019 EcoRun - Car at Petro-Canada Station in Canmore

This year’s run ended on June 28, 2019; the AJAC has put together a video showing highlights of the 2019 EcoRun.

The AJAC has also posted the fuel-consumption results of the twenty vehicles that participated. You can also find articles by the AJAC journalists that participated in the EcoRun like this piece by Kunal Dsouza in, “EcoRun Fuel Economy Challenge puts Manufacturer Ratings to the Test”.

Are you considering purchasing an eco-friendly vehicle? Do events like the EcoRun help inform your decision? Let us know in the comments!

- Rose R.


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