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Compliance with Ontario’s Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Act

Earlier this year, the Ontario government enacted, as part of Bill 100, the Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Act – a regulation that requires gasoline retailers in Ontario to display, on each gas pump, a sticker that illustrates the provincial government’s position on the federal carbon tax.

Ontario Carbon Tax Sticker

The safety of our guests is our primary concern and we believe that communications at our fuel pumps should focus on that and the services we provide. This sticker is not consistent with that focus.

However, we respect that this has been passed into legislation so we will comply with the requirement to place them on our gas pumps in Ontario. More information about the Ontario government’s position on the carbon tax can be found at


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Michel Mecca

In my opinion, this is a waste of taxpayers money. I'm not sure about the 'average' driver, but the last thing I look at when I am buying fuel are stickers on the pumps. The money would have been better spent if it was allocated to hospital funding or autism programs!

Jim Williams

I have no problem with these stickers... I believe we deserve to know every extra cost we are paying... Put a price like this is a joke considering the first expenditure went to loblaws for new refrigerators...

Tran Tu

Pumptalk's effort to distance itself from this ad is commendable. I also find this regulation petty because it is used as a political shot against the federal government rather than to improve social justice as in a good law. A petty regulation is a reflection of the pettiness of the leader of its government.

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