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Let’s Give a Warm “Welcome Back” to Gas Nozzle Locking Clips

2003. A particularly frosty day in Toronto. My car: running on fumes. My gloves: forgotten (beside my lunch) on the kitchen table. I had no choice. I had to pull in to my local Petro-Canada and fill up or I wouldn’t make it to work. As I filled my tank, I tried to avoid frostbite by alternating pumping hands and keeping the free one in my pocket. Oh, how I missed the locking clip on the gas nozzle.

Fast forward 16 years. The clips are back! In 2002 Canadian Fuels member companies removed the clips for safety reasons. But since the introduction of Gasoline Flow Rate Regulations (currently set at 38 litres/minute) and Onboard Fuelling Vapour Recovery technology in vehicles, those safety risks have been greatly reduced.

So, for guest convenience (and keeping hands warm!), Petro-Canada is re-introducing the locking clicks on gasoline nozzles across the country, except in Quebec where they are not legal. Stasy Presutto, Manager of Environment, Health & Safety for Petro-Canada, who is leading the implementation of the locking clips, is keen on the implementation:

The locking clips deliver an overall positive guest experience and greatly reduce the probability of gasoline spills. In the absence of locking clips, we have seen guests insert objects (e.g. gas cap, coffee cup) into the nozzle thereby causing gasoline spills.

image from www.pumptalk.caNow, while the clips are very convenient, you can’t just “set it and forget it”. Site Staff will still be monitoring the dispensing of fuel and you can do your part. Stay within 7.5 metres (25 feet) of your vehicle while using the locking clip. This means you can wash your windshield or even get back in your car to stay warm. But please don’t enter the store until you have finished pumping your gas. Otherwise the attendant will, for safety reasons, halt the pump until you return.

If you have any questions about the safe use of gas nozzle locking clips (or any other safety concerns), don’t hesitate to ask the station attendant.

- Rose R.


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Alexandra LeMay

I remember those frosty mornings well. Yay for living on the west coast.

Larry MacDonald

I love having the locking clips back.
I worked as a “ pump island attendant “ for several years, in my early teen years. The clips were a godsend as I could pump your gas, check your oil and wash the windshield. I sometimes even checked the tire air pressure. Removing the clips while at self serve pumps seemed like the oil companies treated us like we couldn’t walk and chew gum at the same time.
Finally, almost 20 years later, someone finally got it right.
Thank you for putting the clips back on fuel pump nozzles.


Total nanny state when the fuel co's took these off the nozzles years ago . Wow !! Bringing them back ...a reversal of policy .......unheard of in Canada ....

Gail Thiessen

Oh, I am SO glad to be able to set the clips back on the gas nozzles. I live in the Peace Country of Northern BC, and it's been no fun, trying to fill my gas tank at -30, with gloves still sitting at home, by the door, because I was in a hurry.


YES!!!!! This is excellent!!! I will only use Petro Canada from now on

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