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Celebrating Success and Leadership on International Women’s Day: Patty Price

Celebrating Success and Leadership on International Women’s Day: Darlene Mastrangelo

International Women’s Day, March 8, is a celebration of the achievements and contributions of women and an opportunity to continue the conversation about supporting gender equity and inclusion. Recognizing and addressing barriers – including cultural, generational and gender biases – will help us create a better world and a great place to work for everyone. Today on PumpTalk, we’re profiling a few women across the Petro-Canada family to learn about their roles, their commitment to gender balance, and how they are supporting a respectful and inclusive workplace.

Petro-Canada Celebrates International Women's Day

First up is Darlene Mastrangelo from Mastrangelo Fuels in Thunder Bay/Dryden.

Q. Hi, Darlene! Please tell us a little bit about your role.

My positions within the company vary as I do relief work for all positions. My passion is Head of Health and Safety and Customer service.

Q. What career highlights are you most proud of?

When my husband and myself decided to purchase Mastrangelo Fuels (Petro-Canada) in 2006, I returned to school at the age of 41 and completed 3 years of Business Administration / Accounting - graduating head of the class.

With the help of our Wholesale Business Manager and an amazing staff, we implemented the

Petro-Canada Prudent Operations program. With a lot of hard work and co-operation, we have received two consecutive audit scores of 99.6%. We continue to strive for a safe working environment for all our employees and customers.

Q. How long have you been connected with Petro-Canada? 

I have been fortunate enough to be part of the Petro-Canada family for 30 years when I met my husband who was a gas attendant. We purchased our first division (Wholesale) in 2006 and our second division in 2018.

Q. In your time with Petro-Canada, and from your perspective working in a traditionally male-dominated industry, what has helped you navigate the workplace and your career? 

Hmm - navigate my career... Hard work, great listening skills, the willingness to learn, to admit my mistakes and respect our team. I ask questions and stand up for what I believe. 

Darlene Mastrangelo

Q. The 2020 theme for International Women’s Day is #EachforEqual – an equal world is an enabled world. What does this mean to you?

My thoughts on EachforEqual: A workplace where having mutual respect for both genders, learning from all strengths and weaknesses, working together in fair, respected positions together = happiness and success. While progress has been made; there is still a long way to go.

Q. From your perspective, how do you think Petro-Canada and Suncor are achieving #EachforEqual? 

I think EachforEqual is an ongoing exercise. Petro-Canada and Suncor have no wage differential and I have noticed there are more women holding senior positions today then say 10 years ago – actually more women in all positions. Improvement – yes. Room for improvement – always.

Q. Why do you think it’s important we work together to create a respectful and inclusive workplace? How will you support our journey?  

Respectful and inclusive workplaces makes for happy, more productive employees and workspaces. I will "live what I believe". Equality, respect, hard work and team work = Success.

Q. What two key pieces of advice would you offer women in the workplace? 

Be true to yourself, work hard, and don't give up. To be respected you must also give respect (the old saying...respect is a two way street)

Q. How will you be celebrating International Women’s Day? 

I will be celebrating International Women's Day on Monday (as the 8th is a Sunday) at work with women and men that I admire and respect. I may even brighten up our offices with flower reminders that women are an important part of the Mastrangelo Fuels team.

Thanks, Darlene … we appreciate you taking the time to talk to us!

Our next profile is of Patty Price, a Petro-Canada Associate at two of the busiest Petro-Canada highway locations in Ontario.


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