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Update on COVID-19 Safety Protocols at Our Stations

Keeping Our Guests and Site Staff Safe During COVID-19

Most of us are driving less. I’ve been working from home for two weeks now and I venture out in the car only for a weekly grocery trip. However, not everyone is like me. There are first responders and essential service workers who need to get to work, truckers making sure those groceries get to the stores, and volunteers who deliver meals and prescriptions to seniors.

For these folks, our business is essential and our Petro-Canada locations remain committed to keeping people and business moving during this time. That’s why we’re taking increased measures to keep our customers and our site staff safe as emphasized by Pat Lizotte, our General Manager of retail sales & site operations:

“We know we’re an important hub for the community, so it was essential that we worked to make sure everyone who comes into our sites feels safe, and that we are taking the right precautions.”

Plexi-glass Shields at Petro-Canada

In our more than 1,800 retail and wholesale locations across the country, we are taking a number of actions, including:

  • increasing the frequency and depth of our cleaning measures. Many surfaces are high touch, so we are making sure all high touchpoints inside and outside are cleaned regularly. Examples include pin pads, door handles, ATM machines, washrooms, pump handles, pump grade buttons, card readers, squeegee handles, vacuums and air pumps.
  • adjusting some of our offerings, including removing self-serve coffee.
  • supporting physical distancing measures by:
    • encouraging guests to pre-pay at the pump
    • placing floor decals two metres from each other in larger sites so guests are aware of where they should be standing
    • installing Plexiglas between our gas station attendants and our customers to eliminate any physical contact.

Steve Duke, our General Manager of wholesale sales & side operations, reinforces the commitment to doing our part to keep everyone safe:

“We know that all of these pieces together are critical to reducing the spread of COVID-19. The hard work and efforts of all of our associates and marketers and their staff allow us to continue to keep our guests safe and business moving during this time.”

To stay up to date on the continued measures we’re taking, please visit our COVID-19 update page or check out our Facebook page.

~ Braden H.


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