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Suncor’s 2020 Report on Sustainability – Petro-Canada’s Contribution

In July, Suncor, proud owner of Petro-Canada, released its Report on Sustainability 2020. The Report, which has been published for 25 years, showcases Suncor’s progress on its sustainability performance and identifies areas of opportunity in environmental stewardship and working with communities.

Petro-Canada plays a role in two key areas in Suncor’s sustainability performance:

  • Contributing to Canada’s low carbon energy future through our EV fast charge network
  • Strengthening relationships with Indigenous businesses and communities

EV Petro-Canada

Our EV fast charge network
In 2019, we completed Canada’s Electric Highway™, a coast-to-coast electric vehicle (EV) fast-charging network spanning more than 50 Petro-Canada locations. These sites are positioned no further than 250 kilometres apart and provide universal charging options to a variety of electric vehicles. We invested in level three direct-current fast chargers, a step-change technology that is built beyond the needs of today’s EV technology and positioned for the future of EV charging in Canada.

Siksika Petro-Canada

Strengthening relationships with Indigenous businesses and communities
As of 2019, there are 48 Petro-Canada retail and wholesale marketing arrangements with Indigenous communities across the country, surpassing the 2025 target of 40 that we had originally set [link]. One of these sites is in the Siksika First Nation where the first EV fast chargers on a First Nation in Canada installed last year. You can check out the recorded live stream from the opening as well as an interview with Corey White, the manager of the Siksika Petro-Canada.

You can download the full Report on Sustainability 2020 [PDF] or Suncor’s Climate Risk Report [PDF] to learn more about these initiatives as well as Suncor’s progress on additional environmental and social commitments.

~Rose R.


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Alexandra LeMay

I was pleased to see the work Petro Canada has done on developing an "Electric Highway" from coast to coast. It's good to know all this infrastructure is in place. It makes switching to EV technology that much easier.

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