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To Our Readers... Happy Thanksgiving

Last year, at this time, I had a nine kg turkey on order, a two-page shopping list for my Thanksgiving grocery store expedition and was digging the extra chairs out of the basement to prepare for my in-law and family annual invasion. This year looks a bit different, as I imagine it does for many of you. The turkey is much smaller and I'll probably only get one bag of Brussels sprouts instead of the usual three. And no trip to the dusty basement necessary.

Happy Thanksgiving

But... I also have a virtual call booked with a friend who is a nurse at a local cancer hospital – he’s reducing his Thanksgiving dinner size and keeping his bubble small to keep his patients safe. And a friend who makes masks has already sent me one decorated with pumpkins that I can wear on my scaled-down shopping trip.

So it's different. But I'm no less thankful.

From all of us at PumpTalk, we wish you and yours a very happy and safe Thanksgiving. And to the essential workers who continue to work on the front lines - thank you!

~Kate T.


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Trish Purdue

We are so missing our family on Thanksgiving. We'll get through this Covid business eventually. Wishing our health professionals, essential workers and our communities the very best at Thanksgiving!

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