Remembrance Day Stories, Part 2: Life Lessons from the Military
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Remembrance Day Stories, Part 3: Life Lessons from the Military

To observe Remembrance Day this year and to honour all those who have served, we’ve asked a few members of the Petro-Canada family to share their stories and connection with the Canadian Armed Forces. We’re featuring three stories this year: Monday was William Bradley, a GSA in Sudbury, ON; yesterday was Renald Mazenc, an Associate in Regina, SK and his son, Orin Mazenc; and today is Christine, a member of our Marketing team and her son, Jaden.

Poppies by the Sea, British Columbia

Christine’s family doesn’t have a history of military service, so it was a bit of a surprise when her son, Jaden, enrolled in the Canadian Armed Forces. He has currently served for over two years. “We are so proud of him and his service.” Christine introduced us to Jaden and he gave us the following interview.

PumpTalk: Can you describe your role in the military?

I am a member of the Canadian Air Forces and am currently an apprentice to become an aircraft service technician maintaining electronic systems on the CC130J Hercules. They do overseas and domestic flights.

PumpTalk: What made you decide to join the CAF?

I joined because it represented an opportunity for personal and professional development while serving a greater purpose. It gave me an opportunity to find a role supporting Canada and its people both domestically and internationally.

PumpTalk: Why is serving in the military important to you?

I see it as a great way for young adults to work in an environment where we are challenged and where our work matters; a lot of people my age may not understand how we can impact the world. I see the role of my squadron as facilitating positive change in and around the world. The Canadian Armed Forces works to uphold the law, protect our citizens and protect those in countries where human rights violations are breached. We also provide natural disaster relief when required.

Jaden, on duty
Jaden, on duty

PumpTalk: How has being in the military influenced your life?

It has taught me how to be more resourceful and determined while sometimes under high stress situations. I was trained to become a better team player because everything we do is team based. It has shown me that although hard work does pay off, determination and willpower will make or break any obstacle whether professional or personal.

PumpTalk: Is there anything that you would like to tell Canadians about Remembrance Day?

It’s easy to forget that not long ago, the world was a very different place. People gave their lives to prevent our world from slipping away from us. Remembrance Day is one day a year to reflect and appreciate that all that we have is irrevocably because so many died to preserve it. It should be a humbling experience as we remind ourselves that Canadians made a difference during such a horrible time.

PumpTalk: What do you do on Remembrance Day?

I participate in parades and ceremonies to honour the fallen soldiers worldwide. This year will be an exception. We will honour them differently this year given the unorthodox circumstances. We will adapt and overcome, but we will not forget.

Petro-Canada has a Canadian Forces appreciation program that all active and retired members of the military can participate in.

PumpTalk: Can you talk about Petro-Canada's relationship with the CAF?

It is amazing to see a company that wears a national symbol of pride recognize those that protect and serve our citizens. It is a token of gratitude that reminds those who have chosen to serve that we are appreciated. Thank you. We don’t do this for recognition or praise. We do it because we believe in it. Thank you for believing in us and those who have fallen during their service.


Jaden, thank you so much for talking with us today, sharing your thoughts and reminding us all about the importance of honouring and remembering those who have served our country.

This is the last in our three-part series of interviews with members of the Petro-Canada family and their connections with the Canadian Armed Forces. Thank you for reading. #LestWeForget

~Kate T.


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