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Celebrating Canada’s Most Driven

Petro-Points: Celebrating 25 Years of Rewarding Canadians

1995 was a pretty hoppin’ year. The Toronto Raptors were founded (along with the short-lived Vancouver Grizzlies) and won their very first game by defeating the New Jersey Nets. Due South swept the Geminis. Douglas Coupland’s Microserfs (one of my favourite books) was published. And Petro-Canada launched our loyalty program, Petro-Points.

Petro-Points Cards
Early and Current Versions of the Petro-Points Card

And now, twenty-five years later, we are one of Canada's top loyalty programs, with more than 4.8 million members. As you know, if you’re a member, you earn Petro-Points for every dollar spent in-store or litre purchased at the pump. And you can redeem points for free stuff like gas, car washes, eGift cards and more.

Items from Early Petro-Points Catalog
Rewards from an early Petro-Points Catalog

Rewards have changed a bit since we first started the program. E-gift cards certainly weren’t a thing in 1995; in fact, most Canadian websites weren’t online until 1996. Instead, items like cribbage boards, toaster ovens and golf balls were at the top of our catalog.

Virtual Birthday

When we were planning our birthday celebrations this year, we had a bit of a different picture for 2020 – probably like most of you. But that’s okay; we’ve all learned how to make the best of an unusual situation. Want to share how your birthday was different this year? Tell us at www.petro-points.com/25 for your chance to win one of 250 prizes of one million Petro-Points.

Thank you for being with us for the last twenty-five years.

~Braden H.


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Potocki Zygmunt

Fantastic, super service and all the best for 100 YEARS celebrating.

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