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Keep Your Focus on the Road – Avoid Distracted Driving

The arrival of spring and cherry blossom season in Vancouver makes me keen to get out of the house and out into the world – while staying safe, of course. Staying safe is not only masks and physical distancing. Perhaps the number one way to stay safe on the roads is to avoid distracted driving.

The Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators defines distracted driving as

Distracted driving is when a driver’s attention is diverted from the driving task by secondary activities (e.g., eating, talking to passengers, talking or texting on electronic communication devices (ECDs) such as cell phones and smart phones).

The specifics of what constitutes distracted driving, varies between provinces and territories.

infographic what counts as distracted driving, who created the infographic above, has put together an excellent article that reviews the distracted driving penalties in each province and territory.

According to data from Transport Canada’s National Collision Database, distracted driving contributed to an estimated 21% of fatal collisions and 27% of serious injury collisions in 2016. These statistics show an upward trend in distracted driving incidents: fatal collisions were 16% and serious injury collisions 22% a decade earlier.

Transport Canada encourages every driver to take responsibility and drive distraction-free:

  • Never text while driving, even when you are stopped in traffic or at a traffic light
  • If you must send or receive a call or text, pull over to a safe location and park your car first
  • Avoid using any device that may take your attention away from the task of driving, including your car’s navigation or infotainment systems
  • Keep your eyes on the road and safely control your vehicle at all times
  • Encourage friends and family to drive distraction-free

When I get in the driver’s seat of my car, I put my phone on silent and put it in the glove compartment. It can be really hard to do – I’m attached to my phone like everyone else. But I remind myself that even if someone calls or texts me, they would want me to drive safe rather than answer – for my sake and those I share the road with.

~ Kate T.


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Beth Freisen

Didn’t realize that sipping from my traveling coffee cup constituted distracted driving. Makes sense. Thanks for the intel.


First time I heard TACTROL what is it?

garry fraser

how many drivers I see with their dog standing on their lap with their dog's nose out the window,how can that not be distracting?


Hi, Avelino... Thank you for your question! All of our branded gasoline grades contain Tactrol™, our exclusive deposit control additive, sometimes called a gasoline detergent, designed to keep fuel systems clean. Thank you and stay safe!

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