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Staying Safe and Checking in on Your Mental Health

As weather warms and the calendar turns to May, I'm reminded again that it's Motorcycle Safety Week. The sun and the open road beckon - even if that road is a bit shorter this year, depending upon your province or territory's travel restrictions. The Motorcycle Confederation of Canada (MCC) has chosen the fitting "Watch Out for Each Other" theme for their safety campaign this year - reminding drivers and motorcyclists alike to pay attention to different vehicles on the road.

Motorcycle Safety - Watch Out For Each Other

With COVID-19 still affecting our daily lives, the MCC’s theme applies even beyond motorcycle safety. This week is also Mental Health Week. This year, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) is encouraging us to name our emotions in order to fully understand them. By saying how we’re feeling, especially if it’s an emotion like anxiety or fear, we can actually reduce the intensity of those negative emotions and make them more manageable.

Mental Health Week - #GetReal About How You Feel

The CMHA also talks about something that really hit home for me – not just saying the habitual “fine” when someone asks how you’re doing. Often I brush off that question from friends. But the reality is, by taking a moment and digging a little deeper into my emotions, I’ll make a more genuine connection with my friends and gain a little insight into my own mental health – something that is extra important right now.

So let’s all look out for each other – both on the road and off. And if you or someone you love, is struggling with mental health issues and needs some support, there is help available via the Government of Canada’s Wellness Together portal. Please do not hesitate to reach out to get the support that you or your loved one needs.

~Kate T.



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