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24 Hours in the Life of a Caregiver – Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation

This is a special edition of PumpTalk – brought to you by the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation.

For many Canadian family caregivers, caring is more than a simple act of kindness; it’s an everyday commitment. Eight million Canadians, that’s one in four, provide regular physical, emotional, social and financial support to ill, injured, disabled and aging loved ones even if they don’t identify as caregivers.

To help all Canadians understand the challenges that family caregivers face every day, we created an immersive national campaign called 24 Hours of Care. Through various media placements along with an interactive website, Canadians can explore a day in the life of 10 real life Canadian caregivers.

24 Hours of Care

The website hosts a 24-hour documentary-style film that follows the 10 caregivers and their loved one throughout their day. You can easily navigate through the film at your own pace and get an unfiltered look at the life of a caregiver at any hour of the day. Select 1:00 am and you may see a mother awake and monitoring her child’s heartbeat. Skip ahead to 3:30 pm and you may see a man helping his elderly father.

“Although family caregiving impacts millions across the country, many Canadians don’t recognize it as an issue that needs support,” says Leila Fenc, Executive Director of the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation. “Care often takes place in private settings where it’s not seen. We are grateful to the caregivers who opened up their homes and lives to us to help us raise awareness about the challenges they face every day.”

Visit 24HoursofCare.ca to learn more about family caregiving in Canada and the moment-by-moment lives of 10 real-life caregivers. And, learn more about the Foundation and how you can support family caregivers at caremakers.ca.


Launched in 2020, the Petro-Canada CareMakers Foundation enables and amplifies the work of charitable organizations across Canada that support family caregivers and inspires all Canadians to do the same. To-date, CareMakers has awarded grants totalling approximately $4 million.


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Great documentary. Hats off to all the caregivers. You make our society work!

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